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Wednesday, 18 September 2013 00:00

SmartShield Sunscreen Announced Today That They are Now Offering Their Famous Sunscreen + Insect Repellent Combination in a Towelette

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SmartShield Sunscreen Announced Today That They are Now Offering Their Famous Sunscreen + Insect Repellent Combination in a Towelette
SmartShield's new Sunscreen + Insect Repellent Towelette pops easily into a purse, golf bag or suit case - making it perfect sun/insect protection for people on-the-go.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) September 18, 2013

SmartShields sunscreen towelette is easy to travel with. Whether heading off for some winter sports or to a tropical getaway, travelers can put one towelette in each suitcase and carry-on bag ensuring that SmartShield's Sunscreen/Insect Repellent lotion is always on hand to protect skin while traveling.

The combo towelette contains a very soft towel saturated with our SPF 30 sun protection liquid. This liquid is water resistant and sweat proof. The formula also contains all natural insect repellent ingredients - Cedar Essence and Lemongrass. Smells yummy.
Cedar and lemongrass are natural repellents, and the smartShield formula contains no DEET. An independent laboratory found that SmartShield sunscreen with insect repellent was statistically as effective as the well-known DEET product at repelling mosquitoes. The testing labs description was "Statistically equal in preventing mosquitoes from probing." That means that you can have sun and insect protection without the use of the chemical repellent DEET which concerns many people. The sunscreen components are long lasting and are very effective. The insect repellents are natural and do not last all day. They need to be touched up in 3-4 hours with a light reapplication.
“There are no oils in our products, they go on easily and are not felt thereafter. They are perfect for men, women and children who travel and are active outdoors,” explain Les Leonard, Owner of SmartShield Sunscreen. "Our combination product is tough and we are excited to be able to offer it in the popular towelette format."
SmartShield Sunscreen Insect Repellent Combo Towelettes retail for $62.50 for a box of 50 and are available online at and at other fine retailers.
About SmartShield Sunscreen
Texas Sunscreen LLC owns SmartShield, which is based in Dallas, Texas and manufactures a line of eco-friendly, oil free skincare products formulated for maximum sun protection. SmartShield products are used by various government agencies including the US armed forces and NASA.
It started with a freckle…
In 1992, our family found out that a freckle wasn't a freckle. It was a precancerous spot. We were like most people. We knew we should wear sunscreen, but we didn't always do it. Sunscreen was always too messy, too greasy and too smelly. So we set out to develop a sunscreen that people would want to use; a tough sunscreen that absorbed quickly into the skin, provided all-day protection and didn't interfere with our everyday activities. We wanted a smarter sunscreen: non-oily, light on the skin and eco-friendly. We found the perfect formula in 1995. Since then our line of products has grown into a complete family of skin care offerings.
For more information on SmartShield visit their web site at

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