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Repel Mosquitos This Summer Without DEET

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Repel Mosquitos This Summer Without DEET
SmartShield’s Insect Repellent Formula is All Natural and Independently Proven Equivalent to DEET when Repelling Mosquitoes.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) April 29, 2013

Ten years ago SmartShield’s Insect Repellent formula was compared to DEET. The independent laboratory found a 3% concentration of SmartShield’s formula, was statistically as effective as a 10% concentration of DEET at repelling mosquitoes. The testing labs description was "Statistically equal in preventing mosquitoes from probing." That means that you can have effective bug protection without the use of the chemical repellent DEET. DEET concerns many people due to its associated side effects.
After a mild winter, mosquito season has arrived early this year, and experts predict it could be one of the worst in years. “Living in North Texas and having extended family in Florida, I am hyper aware of the mosquito population and the dangers of West Nile Virus”, explains Jane Leonard, Owner of SmartShield. “The city sprayed our neighborhood a few weeks back and that gives me some security; however I have three children that spend the summer outdoors, camping and playing sports, I feel they need that extra protection without the chemicals”.
For the past fifteen years SmartShield has been producing their eco-friendly insect repellent with all natural ingredients including an exclusive Cedar and Lemongrass-based formula that goes on clean, clear and dry. “Bottom line, it works” assures Leonard. SmartShield’s insect repellent is available in their sprays, sticks, towelettes and even in combination with their SPF 30 Sunscreen. Currently SmartShield products can be found in select Bass Pro Shops, Tractor Supply Stores, Sun & Ski Sports Backwoods, HEB, and other fine retailers. SmartShield products are also sold on Amazon the SmartShield website.
About SmartShield
it started with a freckle…In 1992, our family found out that a freckle wasn't a freckle. It was a precancerous spot. We were like most people. We knew we should wear sunscreen, but we didn't always do it. Sunscreen was always too messy, too greasy and too smelly. So, we set out to develop a sunscreen that people would want to use. A tough sunscreen that absorbed quickly into the skin, provided all-day protection, and didn't interfere with our everyday activities. We wanted a smarter sunscreen: Non-oily, light on the skin and eco-friendly. We found the perfect formula in 1995. And people love it. When they feel it on their skin, they're hooked. Since then our line of products has grown into a complete family of skin care offerings.
SmartShield, based in Dallas, Texas, manufactures a line of eco-friendly, oil free skincare products formulated for maximum sun protection. SmartShield products are used by various government agencies including the US armed forces and NASA.

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