SmartShield Who We Are


In 1992, our family found out that what we thought was a freckle wasn't a freckle...

It was a precancerous spot. We were like most people. We knew we should wear sunscreen, but we didn't
always do it. Sunscreen was always too messy, too greasy and too smelly. So, we set out to develop a
sunscreen that people would want to use. A tough sunscreen that absorbed quickly into the skin, provided
all-day protection, and didn't interfere with our everyday activities. We wanted a smarter sunscreen: Non-oily,
light on the skin and eco-friendly. We found the perfect formula in 1995. And people love it. When they feel it on
their skin, they're hooked.

No more mess. No more oily hands. No harsh chemicals.
Finally, The Perfect Sunscreen!